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AWS and OSTIn sign Statement of Strategic Intent to expand Singapore’s emerging space and technology environment

Singapore’s national space office, the Office for Space Technology and Industry (OSTIn), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation. This Statement is the first of its kind for AWS in Asia, and will help support Singapore’s focus on space as a potential new industry for economic growth and technology development.

Singapore has an emerging space and technology ecosystem. This includes the academia, startups, and other industry groups, carrying out a wide range of space activities, from the design and manufacture of satellites and related components to the provision of satellite-based services. OSTIn works closely with research institutes, industry, and fellow government agencies to build relevant space capabilities to support this growth. The Statement between AWS and OSTIn outlines specific areas of collaboration designed to foster the development of space technologies and support the creation of a vibrant, sustainable, and innovative space hub in Singapore.

Aligning to Singapore’s space priorities

AWS will support Singapore’s efforts in developing the space industry by providing resources to support businesses with AWS credits, educate and train talent, and enable the development of innovative new products and services in the space industry. This is in line with Singapore’s move towards an innovation-led economy. Space technologies have the potential to support national priorities in aviation, maritime, climate, and the environment, and inspire future generations to pursue a career in  the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. AWS and OSTIn plan to share more details on the specific initiatives to support this collaboration to accelerate space innovation in Singapore in early 2022.

“OSTIn is delighted to be working with AWS to explore the use of cloud technologies to support the growth of Singapore’s space industry, and realize business and innovation initiatives,” said David Tan, executive director at OSTIn. “This collaboration with AWS will support the development of Singapore to become a regional hub for space innovation and play a larger role in the global space industry. We look forward to deepening the collaboration with AWS through developing specific programs to make space technologies accessible, to develop space talent for Singapore, and foster collaborations within the space industry locally, regionally, and globally.”

“AWS has a long-term commitment to helping customers innovate and grow in Singapore, and we are proud to support OSTIn’s mission to boost technology innovation and economic growth in the space industry,” said Clint Crosier, director for AWS Aerospace and Satellite. “By uniting the private and public sectors through space-cloud technologies, AWS will work with OSTIn to enable individuals and organizations to build on the cloud and develop industry-focused solutions that address space challenges or issues citizens face.”

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