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RigNet Announces Acquisitions in Energy Sector

 April 18, 2018

 RigNet, Inc. has acquired two separate, US-based, leading oil and gas services providers: Automation Communications Engineering Corp. (Auto-Comm), a diversified telecommunications services company, and Safety Controls, Inc. (SAFCON), a safety and security service provider. These acquisitions will expand RigNet’s services in the oil and gas industry and will add value across its systems integration and managed communications services businesses; combining the companies will also further strengthen RigNet’s relationships with oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Auto-Comm provides a broad range of communications services, for both onshore and offshore remote locations, to the oil and gas industry. The company brings over 30 years of systems integration experience in engineering and design, installation, testing, and maintenance. SAFCON offers a diverse set of safety, security, and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry. Auto-Comm and SAFCON have developed strong relationships with major energy companies that complement the relationships that RigNet has established over the years.

"We are excited to welcome the Auto-Comm and SAFCON teams to our RigNet family,” said Steven Pickett, Chief Executive Officer and President of RigNet. “These acquisitions further affirm RigNet’s commitment to grow and expand technology services throughout the energy value chain. With RigNet, our customers are Always Connected, Always Secure, and Always Learning.”