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IBM and Cloud Constellation Corporation Collaborate To Demonstrate Edge Computing in Space Using Machine Learning Services On SpaceBelt™ Satellite Hardware

IBM’s mission is to be the most trusted technology partner of the 21st century, and Cloud Constellation Corporation’s mission with SpaceBelt™ is to offer a portfolio of cloud services on the most secure cloud infrastructure. Our combined strategy of a hybrid IBM- SpaceBelt™ cloud infrastructure will provide enterprise organizations the strongest security for their cloud services requirements in a seamless, global cloud environment.

Working with our satellite edge computing technology partner Ramon.Space, we recently achieved an important milestone where we presented to IBM the results of our benchmarking project for Machine Learning applications hosted on our 1st generation satellite hardware. Benchmarking the VGG-13 Model performance on our SpaceBelt™ hardware demonstrates it is a scalable, secure and user-friendly platform for highly secure services and mission-specific ML applications for commercial, government and military organizations. Basically, an extension of an organization’s enterprise network.

Seamless hybrid cloud is at the core of IBMs strategy for its enterprise customers. Accordingly, a roadmap to support a portfolio of IBM cloud services, on a SpaceBelt™ OpenShift cloud infrastructure is central to our joint go to market strategy.

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