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OneWeb Technologies Demonstrates Seamless Multi-Orbit Integration of Advanced Technologies with LEO and GEO Services for the U.S. Marine Corps

July 27, 2023

OneWeb Technologies, Inc., announced the successful conclusion of a series of demonstrations during the U.S. Marine Corps’ 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) “Exercise Red Flag.” The demonstrations showcased the seamless integration of a combined multi-orbit, low earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary (GEO) solution to deliver high-bandwidth, reliable communications in denied and degraded environments.

Exercise Red Flag showcased 1st ANGLICO’s ability to support Large Force Employment training across the full spectrum of conflict, including air superiority, precision engagement, close air support, command and control, intelligence coordination, and personnel recovery.

The demonstration consisted of OneWeb Technologies’ global, low-latency LEO communications network, Kymeta Corporation’s LEO terminal for low-latency and high-bandwidth connectivity, along with Viasat’s high-capacity, and multi-band, multi-mission terminal (MMT) connecting to the Viasat geosynchronous (GEO) Global Network (VGNet). The solution utilized Viasat’s NetAgilityTM SD-WAN router to connect the LEO and GEO networks together.


A key part of this training was demonstrating the ability to interoperate with other systems, and multiple orbital planes. The combined OneWeb Technologies, Viasat and Kymeta solution showcased multi-orbit capability and connectivity is possible between solution providers, which is an important component of the 1st ANGLICO’s automated primary, alternate, contingency, and emergency (PACE) plan. The PACE plan supports the maneuvering warfighting function’s (WFF) mission command requirement to maintain communications, seamlessly by transitioning connectivity across multiple networks.


“Connectivity in a denied and degraded communications environment is an essential safety requirement, and I am proud of OneWeb Technologies’ ability to support the 1st ANGLICO at Exercise Red Flag. We are looking forward to future opportunities to enable Marine Corps operations with advanced satellite communications (SATCOM) solutions,” said Kevin Steen, CEO of OneWeb Technologies. “Our collaboration with Kymeta and Viasat highlights our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships to offer our government customers the mission-critical connectivity solutions they require.”


The trial followed OneWeb Technologies’ participation in a similar successful demonstration, known as “Exercise Northern Edge,” held at the Joint Pacific-Alaska Range Complex (JPARC) in Alaska.

“Viasat is pleased to collaborate with partners like OneWeb Technologies and Kymeta to demonstrate multi-network mission capabilities with the optionality and increased resilience required to operate in contested environments,” said Craig Miller, President of Viasat Government Systems. “Our advanced network orchestration technology is a critical component, enabling assured connectivity and a seamless user experience across a multi-orbit, multi-network SATCOM solution that offers the operational flexibility warfighters need.”

"Kymeta has been steadily working on ruggedized and hardened communications on the pause and move tactical systems. The combination of our terminals and OneWeb's low latency, high data rate, and satellite communications available through OneWeb Technologies will provide warfighters with the tactical edge they need today," said Walter Berger, President and Co-CEO of Kymeta.

OneWeb Technologies continues to advance its SATCOM capabilities and is committed to supporting military and government organizations in achieving their communication objectives on the modern battlefield.

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