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Gilat Awarded Millions of Dollars in Orders for Cellular Backhaul Over Satellite Project in Mexico

July 13, 2023

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.  announced that the company was awarded millions of dollars in orders for a cellular backhaul over satellite project lead by a Mexican federal agency.

Gilat’s cellular backhaul solution is being used to connect hundreds of 4G sites within the “CFE Telecommunications and Internet for All” initiative (CFE Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos, also known as CFE TEIT) to provide better access to information and communication technologies for all people throughout Mexico.

Within this framework, global satellite and hub operators are working with Gilat, the world’s most experienced 4G cellular backhaul over satellite solution provider, to provide the best available solution. Gilat’s leading technology and local presence are proving instrumental in addressing the special requirements of the CFE TEIT deployment.

“Gilat believes in the right of all people to be connected, and we see the importance of internet connectivity continuing to grow among people throughout the world. Gilat’s cellular backhaul over satellite solution provides reliable, quickly deployable reach to remote areas and leads the way with a major share of the global market,” said Yossi Gal, Vice President of Regional Sales at Gilat. “We’re proud that our valued and long-time partners continue to recognize these advantages and have chosen Gilat for this important project in Mexico.”

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