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XipLink announces appointment of Sasmith Reddi, SVP of Marketing Experienced executive to lead push into next generation hybrid networks

July 4, 2023

Sasmith Reddi has re-joined the XipLink team as Senior Vice President of Marketing. As a member of the senior management team, he will also participate in the strategic direction for the company while leading a cohesive strategy into multi-orbit hybrid network software and services. XipLink is already an established leader in satellite-based bonding technology while aggregating several link types including

cellular, terrestrial microwave and the emerging Starlink and OneWeb LEO constellations.

Sasmith has performed at the highest levels since first entering the IP networking business out of the

University of Maryland. At FORE Systems, a leader in ATM technology during the initial Internet boom, he

is credited with designing the highest capacity IP networks at the time for large accounts like UUNET,

internetMCI, America OnLine and several other backbone providers. Sasmith was also a key figure in the

restart of iDirect in 2002 by hiring an outstanding team of field Systems Engineers while providing the initial

product strategy, launching the company from a $2M revenue restart to over $100M five years later. He and

other members of the iDirect team were credited with the Virtual Network Operator (VNO) terminology and

strategy that has become an industry standard term today. In 2008, Sasmith joined XipLink to help launch

the company, performing many functions and ultimately running the Asia region. Most recently, Sasmith

has been Director of Systems Engineering in iDirect’s Asia region which has consistently performed at the

highest levels within the company.

Jack Waters, CEO at XipLink notes, "Sasmith and I have been business partners and friends for over 25

years. His ability to deeply understand technology while presenting a related solution that makes sense to

audiences of varying technical capacity is outstanding. He is well known in the satellite and IP networking

businesses and is the ideal person to help lead the XipLink team into our next generation of multi-orbit

aggregation, optimization and cloud service delivery products.”

Sasmith Reddi notes, “XipLink technology and solutions have been market leading in both performance and

functionality from the beginning. The solutions are well known for their rock-solid performance and

reliability and have been in service worldwide for over a decade. It is exciting to join the outstanding team at

XipLink, to support adding services and technologies that can help Service providers address customer

requirements to provide higher capacity, performance, resiliency and link diversity”

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