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ATLAS Space Operations Welcomes John Williams as New Chief Executive Officer

July 05, 2023

ATLAS Space Operations, announced John Williams as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With a career spanning the United States Air Force and several prominent industry roles, Williams brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the space industry.

“John Williams is a remarkable leader who embodies the qualities of a team builder and visionary,” said Brad Bode, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ATLAS Space Operations. “His experience and deep understanding of the space industry make him the ideal fit for leading ATLAS into an exciting and prosperous future. With this addition, we are confident that ATLAS will continue to excel in providing innovative satellite communication solutions and further strengthen our position as an industry leader.”

Prior to joining ATLAS, John served as the Vice President of Real-Time Earth at Viasat, where he led the development of the Ground-Station-as-a-Service business line. With a focus on innovation and strategic vision, Williams has successfully held leadership positions at other renowned organizations including Booz Allen Hamilton, ATK Space Systems, and Universal Space Network (now SSC). Combined with his diverse 21-year Air Force officer career in roles ranging from operations, acquisition, budgeting, strategic planning, and command, ATLAS expects to thrive under his leadership.

As the newly appointed CEO, John Williams will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of ATLAS Space Operations. His guidance and extensive knowledge will be instrumental in driving the company’s growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring exceptional service delivery to customers across the space industry.


“I am very pleased to join the ATLAS Space Operations team,” shares Chief Executive Officer, John Williams. “ATLAS has built a strong foundation throughout the growth of the company, set the industry standard for ground station software, and earned recognition through numerous accolades and awards, all while being involved in the communities they serve. ATLAS is poised for a very bright future – and I look forward to being part of achieving that with the team.”

In early 2023, ATLAS announced its partnership with Viasat Real-Time Earth to include Viasat’s ground antenna network in the ATLAS Global Federated Network. Additionally, ATLAS and Viasat collaborated on the NASA Near Space Network bid, showcasing a solid and mutually-beneficial partnership. Under Williams's leadership, the partnership will continue to flourish and strengthen, further enhancing the services provided to ATLAS clients.


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