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DARPA Selects OneWeb Technologies for Space-BACN

 OneWeb Technologies (OWT) announced that it was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office (STO) for a contract award as part of the program’s Technical Area 3, Phase 1 Working Group. OWT will contribute to the Space-BACN program in fields as diverse as API development for the automation of crosslink establishment among heterogeneous systems, to integration of simulation tools, to validation of standards for Optical Intersatellite Satellite Link performance and integration of those standards into future generation of Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (PLEO) communications spacecraft.

OneWeb Technologies will assist DARPA’s Space-BACN (Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node) program in creating a low-cost, reconfigurable intersatellite optical communications terminal with the intent of enabling inter-constellation connectivity and to eliminate stovepipes among defense communications systems.

“DARPA’s Space-BACN program is a crucial step in breaking down communications barriers in LEO and enabling a diverse commercial ecosystem in the rapidly blossoming PLEO environment.  The ‘universal translator’ capability envisaged by DARPA is fully aligned with OneWeb Technologies’ ambition to provide SATCOM solutions to U.S., allies, and partner defense forces worldwide,” said Kevin Steen, Chief Executive Officer of OneWeb Technologies.

OneWeb Technologies, premier provider of secure, innovative commercial satellite communications and wireless technologies globally, is the U.S. proxy entity of OneWeb, owner/operator of the second largest on-orbit constellation. With more than 600 satellites on-orbit, OneWeb is presently servicing enterprise needs for high-bandwidth communication around the world.

The invitation by DARPA to join the Space-BACN team is a significant event for OneWeb Technologies. The firm is presently in discussions with various organizations within the U.S. Departments of Defense and Commerce to support and enable missions around the globe, especially in traditionally underserved locations.




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