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Navidium Selects Spire Global to Provide Ship-Tracking Data

June 01, 2023

Spire Global, Inc. was selected by Navidium, an innovative software company active in the maritime industry, to provide real-time automatic identification system (AIS) vessel-tracking data.

Navidium will integrate the data into its Voyage Optimization & Environmental Compliance products to help users track vessel position along a route, reoptimize routes based on various conditions and automatically record environmental compliance data, such as Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). This product supports crew onboard a vessel, along with fleet managers on shore who need to be aware of their fleet's current position and progress through a planned journey.

Navidium is also leveraging Spire’s historical and real-time AIS data to train machine learning algorithms that provide users with insights to augment decision making and optimize their vessels for safety, emissions and performance, giving them an edge in a highly competitive environment.

“Working with a flexible solution provider like Spire allows us to adjust quickly to our customers' needs and gather very meaningful data that we can use to bring a lot of value to our customers,” said Marty Cochrane, Navidium CTO.

Navidium is part of over 1,000 SME and start-up companies in the maritime space, a number that has been growing steadily in the double digits.


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