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HyperScout chosen again by Loft Orbital

2 June 2023

Loft Orbital procured an additional HyperScout imager. This new contract continues the collaboration between the two companies, with Loft selecting the most compact and miniaturized version of cosine’s HyperScout product line, HyperScout M.

Loft deploys and operates space infrastructure to let customers deploy applications in space. The company has procured a HyperScout M for future missions. Loft provides abstractions that enable a customer to deploy hardware or software applications to Loft’s infrastructure. That stack includes the Hub, a universal payload adapter that can integrate with any payload, and Cockpit, a mission control system that is also agnostic to any specific payload, bus, ground segment or cloud.

The HyperScout product line is a set of miniaturized hyperspectral imagers suitable when compactness and rapid cost-constrained development are mission drivers. High revisit times (sub-daily) at a global scale are achieved with the deployment of only a limited number of units. This way it is possible to observe phenomena with a high speed of change as well as delivery of the processed information and coordinates in quasi-real time. Among many possible applications are the monitoring of natural disasters such as floods, forest fires, desertification, ice detection and monitoring, crop monitoring, change detection and classification. HyperScout M is the compact refractive version of the product line. It has been developed to fit in a standard single CubeSat unit.

Loft will use HyperScout M to provide data collection and processing capacity to a range of commercial and government customers.

cosine Remote Sensing Managing Director, Dr Marco Esposito says: “We are very glad to see Loft Orbital being loyal to our brand. This is an important indication that the products and services we provide fit the needs of the space missions of our clients and partners, confirming the added value of our in-orbit processing technology.”

Pieter van Duijn, Loft CTO, comments: “We are excited about including the most compact version of cosine’s hyperspectral product line in our inventory, which will streamline our process to make space simple.”



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