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Katalyst Space Technologies is excited to announce its new Advisors

Dr. Thomas Cooley – Technology Advisor

Dr. Tom Cooley is a renowned expert in space technology with over 25 years of experience in the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). 

During his time at AFRL, Dr. Cooley held several senior positions, including Chief Scientist of the Space Vehicles Directorate, Senior Scientist for Space Situational Awareness, Principal Scientist responsible for leading the AFRL In-space Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing, Chief Scientist of SpaceWERX, Chair of the Department of Defense (R&E) Space Community of Interest, and Program Manager and Principal Investigator for the TacSat-3/ARTEMIS mission.

Throughout his career, Dr. Cooley has contributed to a wide range of technologies focused on electro-optic sensors and imaging spectroscopy from space platforms technologies. He has published over 70 papers in national and international journals or conferences and has been recognized with numerous awards, including the AFRL and SPIE Fellow.

“Katalyst Space represents the emerging and promising space capabilities that the US Gov’t is seeking to help fill in gaps and extend the US and allied capabilities.  I’m excited to help advise them as they grow and engage the space community.”

Kurt Riegleman – Commercialization Advisor  Kurt is a high-performing executive with a proven 35-year track record of developing and delivering mission-critical satellite and hybrid connectivity services for global media, data and mobility clients.  With a comprehensive understanding of complex networks and developing compelling value propositions for customers, he is passionate about the transformative power of ubiquitous connectivity and leveraging space innovations to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

Joining Katalyst Space Technologies as a Commercial Advisor, Kurt will work with the team to define commercial strategies and objectives, go-to-market activities, and key business systems.

About Katalyst Space Technologies

Katalyst Space Technologies creates upgrades for satellites to provide operators a second chance, adding capabilities and features post-launch to maintain their competitive edge. Injecting new capabilities into traditional architectures unlocks features required for future, modular platforms – especially for satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

We’ve partnered with the United States Space Force, Air Force Research Lab, and multiple commercial organizations to strengthen our developments and accelerate impact on resiliency and sustainability in space. Demo mission launches in 2024!

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