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UltiSat and CodeMettle Partner to Develop AxxSys-6 Next Generation Network Management Software

March 15, 2023

UltiSat and CodeMettle announced a strategic partnership to provide the next generation successor AxxSys-6 to UltiSat’s field-proven AxxSys Orion software suite.

This partnership strengthens UltiSat’s capabilities to provide a more robust, scalable network management platform. The collaboration will incorporate CodeMettle’s Network Operations expertise with unique features and mission experience from the legacy AxxSys Orion software. UltiSat’s new AxxSys-6 will support customers with an improved system for managing all network elements across satellite, cellular, microwave, and terrestrial connections. 

“After evaluating the industry offerings, it is clear that CodeMettle aligns best with UltiSat’s vision.  CodeMettle’s industry-leading software capability is enabling us to bring best-of-breed enhancements to AxxSys,” said George Sumarev, UltiSat’s VP and General Manager of Engineering Technical Services.

“This partnership will improve the way UltiSat network users manage, monitor, and control network assets,” said Mike Mostow, COO of CodeMettle. “AxxSys-6 exemplifies the shared goal of CodeMettle and UltiSat to make connectivity network operations easy and efficient.” 

AxxSys-6 will provide customers with better situational awareness through multi-layer network monitor and control tools, including status views, performance parameters, alarms and an array of trouble-shooting capabilities.  Visibility will range from a top-level aggregate overview of all remote sites and connectivity links in a global network down to individual devices, including support for IoT, connected locally at a specific remote terminal or site.  All of these capabilities are designed to support the resiliency expectations of customers needing high reliability connectivity to support high consequence missions.

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