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Comtech Joins Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus Ready Program to Deliver Interoperable Cloud Services

Feb. 27, 2023

Comtech y will join Microsoft’s Azure Operator Nexus Ready Program to offer customers interoperable cloud services.

Microsoft’s Azure Nexus Operator Ready Program certifies that Comtech’s Location Management Function (LMF), a standards-based location server for 5G, will be interoperable with Azure Operator Nexus. LMF runs on Comtech’s Dynamic Cloud Platform (DCP), which is designed to be infrastructure, cloud, and application agnostic-allowing communications providers and other organizations to easily orchestrate, integrate, and manage applications across private, hybrid, and public cloud networks.

“As one of Microsoft’s first Azure Operator Nexus Ready Program members, our customers and partners can now leverage Comtech’s enterprise technologies and software solutions on the Azure Operator Nexus platform,” said Ken Peterman, President and CEO, Comtech. “This collaboration demonstrates the flexibility, security, and adaptability of our DCP as well as the substantial benefits Comtech’s innovative software technology solutions can bring to cloud providers across the globe.”

Comtech’s DCP also unlocks the availability of new third-party applications across current and future computing environments, such as Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus.





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