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Cobham Satcom and RBC Signals Announce Expanded Ground Segment Partnership

 Feb. 07, 2023

Cobham Satcom, a leading global provider of radio and satellite communications solutions for the maritime and land sectors, and RBC Signals, a multi-national provider of space data connectivity solutions, have announced an expanded partnership to deploy Cobham Satcom's proven and highly versatile Tracker 6000 and 3700 series ground stations across the globe.

The strategic agreement between the two industry leaders will significantly augment RBC Signals' extensive owned and partner ground network, enabling integrated communication services to NGSO missions and constellations for Earth Observation, IoT, and Space Situational Awareness. Cobham Satcom and RBC Signals share an extensive history of optimizing and implementing satellite tracking solutions. The versatile, high-throughput Tracker platforms, coupled with ease of installation, high reliability, and low operating costs – will help ensure robust and uninterrupted services to RBC Signals' customers.

"Cobham Satcom is a leader in ground stations for both communications constellations as well as for GSaaS operators, and RBC Signals has become a close and innovative partner," said Kirby Nell, Cobham Satcom VP of Business Development. "We are pleased that RBC Signals has selected Cobham Satcom not only based on our industry-leading technology and reliability but for our unequaled ability to optimize solutions and deliver on a short schedule."

"The satellite communications industry needs to respond to aggressive timelines, and Cobham Satcom, together with RBC Signals, rose to meet those challenges with practical and quick solutions to answer the industry needs," said Ron Faith, RBC Signals' President, and COO.









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