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Comtech Unveils New Corporate Logo and Brand Identity

January 18, 2023

Comtech is releasing a new logo and brand identity today that align with the company’s customer-centric focus and commitment to accelerating the global technology trajectories that will connect the unconnected, bridge the digital divide, and empower people by providing access to data and insight in new and unprecedented ways.

Comtech recently underwent a transformational change to unite the enterprise, build on its collective strengths, solidify foundations for its future, and energize transformation across the industry. Comtech’s new vision of “building connections that set ideas free” is an embodiment of the dedication and commitment to excellence in the company’s innovative culture and passion for customer success.

“Our global communications infrastructure is at the cusp of enormous change and Comtech is leading the way in the democratization of communications access for all, and we are doing it through radical change, starting with our new mission and vision,” said Ken Peterman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our new logo and brand represent Comtech’s move into its next chapter as a company and our unique ability to identify and deliver the technologies and services that will be needed to connect the unconnected, address our customers toughest challenges, and set new ideas free.”

At Comtech, we are in a relentless pursuit of a better way – empowering people by connecting everything and everyone. The company is committed to matching the extraordinary rate of change taking place across today’s communications infrastructure. With its unique culture of innovation and fluency in future technologies, Comtech will empower people and organizations through access to connectivity and help shape the landscape of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.







Comtech Unveils New Corporate Logo and Brand Identity