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Fathom Events and Roberts Communications Network Announce Satellite Broadcast Distribution Agreement

Dec. 20, 2022

Fathom Events and Roberts Communications Network (RCN) have announced a comprehensive satellite broadcast distribution agreement to deliver world-class entertainment to movie theaters across North America.

Roberts Communication Network

Fathom Events is the recognized leader in event cinema and one of the top ten distributors of content to cinemas in the United States. Fathom Events delivers a wide variety of both live and pre-recorded content, including performances from The Metropolitan Opera, classic film anniversaries, live sports, concerts and episodic content to more than 1,100 theaters.

"Delivering secure, reliable high-definition video and surround sound audio throughout our North American theater network is a critical component of our success," said Fathom Events SVP of Operations & Strategic Partnerships Lynne Schmidt. "As we were searching for a new broadcast distribution partner, it became readily apparent that Roberts Communications Network was the perfect fit for all of our needs, and we are very excited to work with them."

RCN, a leading worldwide video distribution and data communications services provider, recently moved into a state-of-the-art 10-acre broadcast facility in Henderson, Nevada, from where they will distribute Fathom Events' content via satellite throughout North America.

"We take pride in delivering high-quality, low-latency, reliable, secure video around the globe, whether it be via satellite, fiber, or internet," said RCN President and CEO Todd Roberts. "Fathom Events is a renowned entertainment provider with rigorous distribution standards, and we are very happy to add their world-class content to our network and work with them to achieve all their goals in the future."








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