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Comtech Awarded 5G Location Services Contract with Tier-1 MNO in Canada

December 19, 2022

 Comtech announced that the company was recently awarded a contract to install a 5G virtual Mobile Location Center (vMLC) production site and deliver location-based services for a tier-1 mobile network operator (MNO) in Canada—further expanding the company’s drive to be the world’s preferred precise, network-based geolocation services provider. Comtech’s vMLC system is used to help pinpoint the location of mobile devices connected to 5G networks.

This contract will significantly enhance 9-1-1 rapid response capabilities in a wide variety of emergency situations—allowing the mobile carrier to benefit from a cloud native platform and providing public safety agencies with services to more accurately locate 9-1-1 callers.

“As MNOs continue to move to 5G networks, Comtech’s vMLC solution will play a critical role in bringing forward the next generation of location-based capabilities,” said Ken Peterman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech. “This contract further demonstrates the trust of our partners in Canada as well as Comtech’s leadership in cloud native 5G technologies that will help transform mobile networks around the world.”

Comtech’s 5G vMLC solution enables new 5G positioning techniques and is poised to support connected devices in an Internet of Things (IoT) context, unleashing expanded business opportunities with near real-time, trusted device location data and information. Customers can now use this precise location information to create unprecedented value and enhanced outcomes in new and innovative ways.

Comtech’s 5G technologies are designed to adapt and continuously evolve over time to meet the needs of emerging commercial and government use cases as well as future hybridized connectivity applications.






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