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C-COM Opens New R&D Facility For Its Phased Array Antenna Development

 November 22, 2022

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc., announced today that it will open a new R&D facility in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada for the development and commercialization of its Electronically Steered Phased Array antenna.

The new site is located on the campus of the University of Waterloo and will open in January 2023.

The Company has developed a low-profile, lightweight, Ka-band vehicle mounted antenna that can track GEO, LEO and MEO constellations while in motion. The antenna technology is based on small 4x4 transmit and receive phased array modules which are the main building blocks for bigger size antennas and can be conformal to any curved surfaces.

This new revolutionary antenna technology is a result of more than 6 years of R&D collaboration between C-COM and the University of Waterloo. The Company expects to develop several different models of this antenna that can be deployed for use for land mobility and other markets such as maritime and aeronautical.

“The Waterloo region is the perfect place for us to expand our footprint and help develop our next generation COTM (Communications on The Move) phased array antennas,” said Dr. Leslie Klein, President and CEO, C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.

The C-COM iNetVu® mobile proprietary antennas, and services associated with these products, are used in mobile applications by corporations, government agencies, the military, law enforcement, homeland security, utilities, oil and gas platforms, police, fire, medical and other security, and emergency services with a need for affordable mobile 2-way high-speed Internet over Satellite connectivity.






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