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Gogo Inc. Comments on Ruling Denying SmartSky's Request for a Preliminary Injunction

Sept. 27, 2022

 Gogo Inc. commented on the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware's ruling denying SmartSky Networks LLC's motion for a preliminary injunction. Under the ruling, the Court denied SmartSky's request that the Court preliminarily enjoin Gogo Inc. and Gogo Business Aviation LLC from making, using, offering to sell, or selling the Gogo 5G system pending the resolution of the patent infringement suit brought by SmartSky against Gogo. 

"This ruling supports our frequently stated position that Gogo is not infringing any valid SmartSky patent," said Oakleigh Thorne, Gogo's Chairman and CEO. "We will continue to vigorously defend Gogo against SmartSky's meritless patent infringement claims. We look forward to successfully launching Gogo 5G and remain unwavering in our focus on executing our strategy to deliver improved broadband performance for business aviation customers."






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