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Satellogic Announces Exclusive Agreement with GREEN+ Jurisdictional Programme to Monitor all Subnational Protected Areas on the Planet

September 26, 2022

Satellogic Inc. announced a contract to monitor all subnational protected areas on the planet through the new GREEN+ Jurisdictional Programme. The provision of reliable and consistent high-quality satellite data will be governed by the CC35 Capital Cities Secretariat, the Global Footprint Network and The Energy Coalition, among other respected stakeholders committed to conserving the Earth's “last lungs.”

This critical information will enable individuals, organizations, and global markets to accurately monitor the compliance of signatory jurisdictions to avoid deforestation. In light of this new program, which aims to monitor all global subnational areas by 2023 and will be presented at COP27, governments such as Nuevo León, a Mexican state, have committed to increase their protected areas to 30% to reach the United Nations’ 30x30 goal by 2030 and support the new Race to Conservation campaign.

"This important agreement will make critical information on the loss of our planet's biodiversity more widely accessible, and thus promote the development of solutions to reverse it. We are confident that our Earth Observation capabilities will help this program accelerate analysis and contribute to positive results for a more sustainable future," stated Emiliano Kargieman, CEO and Co-Founder of Satellogic.

Sebastian Navarro, Secretary General of CC35 said: "We will be relentless from the governance of the GREEN+ Program with those who want to continue playing with the future of humanity. Thanks to this robust agreement with Satellogic, the global citizenry will have access to real-time information on deforestation, its changes month-by-month, and the sources that are producing them. This will also generate unprecedented credibility among investors of the carbon credits produced by conservation, as it will produce a double circular target; half of the funds from conservation will go directly to decarbonization."

Mathis Wackernagel, creator of the ecological footprint and Founder of the Global Footprint Network added: “Clearly, regions and cities which do not prepare themselves for the inevitable future – one where we will live off conservation and regeneration rather than depletion – are destroying their own options to fully operate while also exacerbating overshoot. Without making the necessary adjustments which would allow them to thrive in a world of climate emergency, resource constraints, and massively reduced fossil fuel use, they are not only stealing from humanity’s future but also thwarting their own abilities to operate in that future. Decision-makers who ignore this reality are the enablers of the ecological Ponzi scheme by which future regeneration is stolen through the depletion of today’s natural capital.”

Craig Perkins, Executive Director of The Energy Coalition added: "There is an urgent need to understand the cycle between conservation and decarbonization if we are to successfully engage local communities in the transition to a new energy economy. The climate crisis is devastating our ecological capital and we must build programs and initiatives that are committed to ensuring it. We can count on Satellogic to enhance our processes for monitoring forests and under the GREEN+ Jurisdictional Programme also advance the future measurement of energy emissions in the most populated areas of the planet with the aim of achieving more robust and transparent processes."

From the GREEN Trust, Alejandro Guerrero, CEO of Lockton for Argentina & Uruguay added: “This exclusive collaboration with Satellogic guarantees the Program's governance to have and communicate a clear view for the markets on Risk & Prevention concerns, creating a historic opportunity to promote conservation incentives through solid financial tools, increasing liquidity opportunities for forest owners, in this case in the hands of the public sector, to accelerate and expand clean infrastructure implementation timelines.”

Satellogic recently confirmed that SpaceX will continue to be its preferred vendor for rideshare missions, announcing a new Multiple Launch Agreement for 2023 and beyond, reserving launch capacity for its next 68 satellites. The Company is working towards building the capability to capture every square meter of the Earth's surface daily in high-resolution for better decision-making at every level around the world.







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