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hiSky Granted FCC Approval for Smartellite™ Ku Dynamic Terminal

hiSky has received Federal Communication Commission (FCC) certification for its Smartellite™ Ku Dynamic terminal.

The certification process done by CTC advanced's laboratories in Germany marks the end of a painstaking process to ensure the safety and durability of the unique hiSky ground terminals in compliance with FCC and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standards.

hiSky’s Smartellite™ satellite terminals include a state-of-the-art, electronically steerable phased array antenna, designed in Ka-band or Ku-band variants, which locates GEO satellites automatically, making it highly attractive for customers operating in mobile environments. Uniquely, the terminals are also designed to meet the requirements of LEO satellites, advanced new satellites that will be launched and operational in the next decade, guaranteeing a future-proofed solution that will correlate with the market’s connectivity demands.

The Smartellite™ ground terminals are the end-user component of the hiSky network ecosystem, also consisting of the hiSky HUB and Packet Processor as the teleport component, and the hiSky360 cloud-based network management system (NMS). The network is specifically designed to transmit and receive IoT/Machine-to-Machine data, at low-data-rates associated with remote IoT applications.

hiSky’s network is agnostic to satellite, allowing deployment with any constellation offering Ka-band or Ku-band over GEO satellites. The newly certified Smartellite™ Dynamic terminals have been tested by multiple teir-1 constilations worldwide, allowing global distribution partners, resellers and satellite network integrators to sell tailor-made private networks for their local clientelle. 

“This certification marks an important milestone in hiSky’s strategy to deliver affordable satellite networks for IoT and MSS applications globally. The certification is crucial when introducing innovative hardware such as ours into the market,” said Gal Diamant, hiSky’s COO. “a few years back hiSky was an idea, a vision. Now that hiSky is a fully functioning network, operated globally, it’s only right that we invest time and effort to certify our products in the highest standards, it’s our commitment to our customers.”












hiSky Granted FCC Approval