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PendragonTM from Isotropic® Provides Unrivaled Network Management and Cyber Security

August 23, 2022

Isotropic Networks, Inc. (Isotropic), the trusted provider of global Internet services offering unrivalled certainty, has announced the launch of its new Next Generation Cyber Security and bandwidth management platform, PendragonTM.

The launch of Pendragon follows the successful early testing of the platform onboard several personal and charter superyachts, where Pendragon is currently performing flawlessly. It is providing automated switching between cellular LTE and satellite networks to maintain optimal throughput while identifying, profiling, and quarantining several cyber security threats. One example is the identification and isolation of a mobile device carrying a virus that was brought aboard one of the test vessels by the audio/visual team hired to establish the yacht’s IT network.

Additionally, Pendragon has been successfully tested with both the Starlink and OneWeb broadband internet satellite systems. The successful integration demonstrates that when paired with Pendragon, these systems and virtually any other new internet pipelines coming to market will benefit and operate with an additional layer of cyber security and network efficiency.

Pendragon is the evolution of Isotropic’s award-winning, intuitive bandwidth management application Datadragon® ons/datadragon/. It is a fully automated network aggregator, pulling together up to four diverse terrestrial backbones and multiple orbit satellite constellations, then switching between networks based on user-defined need. It operates through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows users to understand and command their local networks and throughput.

Pendragon also serves as a Next Generation Cyber Security solution that detects and fingerprints all devices on a connected network. It utilizes localized Edge Computing to process all data and remediates any threats, alerting the Isotropic cyber security team to enable them to apply human intervention when needed. Pendragon can be integrated and scaled from a local network controller to a full SD-WAN solution.

“We’ve built Isotropic on the highest standards for troubleshooting and solving technically complex problems with the latest technologies. It was this commitment to quality that led to the development of Pendragon,” said Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and CEO at Isotropic. “We’ve created a first-of-its-kind platform that allows users to enjoy the peace of mind and level of connectivity that comes with effortless network switching and cyber security monitoring. What’s really exciting is that Pendragon can do all that in a single server that aggregates multiple terrestrial and satellite network backbones.”

As applications become increasingly more complicated; communications distribution models continue to evolve toward hybrid networks; and new standards and guidelines like the International Maritime Organization (IMO) create additional layers of accountability, Edge Computing solutions and new levels of network transparency and insight are required to provide end users with optimized, secure throughput that meets and exceeds the regulations and needs of diverse global industries.

With Pendragon, end users are now empowered with total network visibility and command, giving them the ability to understand and command their local network throughput and security for the very first time.












PendragonTM from Isotropic Provides Network Management and Cyber Security