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Intelsat Expands Channel Selection in Brazil

Intelsat has signed a contract with Box Brazil, the largest Brazilian independent group of Pay-TV channels and Streaming Platforms, to distribute six channels on Intelsat 14 (IS-14) at 45°WL. 

Box Brazil Programadora, one of the companies from the group, specializing in linear channel programming, joins other top programmers and broadcasters on the recently announced Brazil cable neighborhood. Channels they are bringing to the neighborhood include Prime Box Brazil, Music Box Brazil, Travel Box Brazil, Fashion TV, Box, and Market, all of which are available on all major Brazilian Pay-TV operators.

Earlier this year, Intelsat announced an antenna seeding installation program to increase access to cable headends across Brazil. This initiative has brought programmers like Box Brazil to IS-14 due to the increased value and monetization opportunities for programmers looking to reach Brazilian customers. Upon completion, the antenna program will reach more than 99% or over 14.4 million cable subscribers in Brazil.

“The addition of Box Brazil Media Group to IS-14 shows how our antenna program is attracting high-value regional content to a new cable distribution neighborhood. The content from Box Brazil further strengthens IS-14 and our position in Brazil,” said Ricardo La Guardia, Intelsat’s regional vice president, LATAM Sales.

Box Brazil Media Group is an international group of companies focused on entertainment, technology, and innovation.

Box Brazil specializes in Pay-TV and multidevice streaming, offering a variety of channels in Brazil including four themed channels and one international channel. These channels are available through all major Pay-TV operators.

“IS-14 provides us with the reliable, quality solution we need for distributing content to our viewers across Brazil. With a 99% reach into Brazilian Pay-TV subscribers, we are able to maximize our reach and provide high-performance channels and entertainment content to our viewers both in Brazil and in LATAM,” said Cícero Aragon, CEO of Box Brazil Media Group.

IS-14 is focused on regional video distribution and has high penetration into regional systems across all Latin American countries. IS-14 complements Intelsat’s other video neighborhoods in the region, including Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 34. Together, these neighborhoods serve nearly all video subscribers throughout the region with full cable penetration.