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Sidus Space Signs MOU with Exo-Space to Support Edge Computing Technology

August 23, 2022

Sidus Space, Inc. recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Exo-Space to further commercialize its satellite edge computing technology.

With this partnership, Sidus Space will integrate Exo-Space’s FeatherEdge Data Processing Platform into its hybrid 3D printed satellite, LizzieSat™. Through collaboration on data processing and storage technology in space, on-orbit testing of the device in a space environment will provide proof-of-concept data, increase the product’s overall Technology Readiness Level, and establish integration processes for future collaborative missions.

This collaborative technology implementation will provide near-real-time intelligence derived from Earth Observation data while onboard the satellite, enabling both commercial and government customers to take more effective action in time-sensitive operations. Applications include but are not limited to: identification of unregistered/dark marine vessels, particularly for intervention against illegal fishing at the source; identifying natural disasters, such as floods and wildfire as they occur and tracking their progress and damage caused; and identifying events that contribute to environmental crises such as oil spills and methane leaks. With the proper sensor complement and adequate presence and placement of satellite constellation resources, this collaborative technology implementation can provide persistent monitoring for real-time notification of events anywhere on Earth.

“We are excited to partner with Exo-Space to provide proof-of-concept for its critically important technology and a long-term path for providing real-time solutions,” said Carol Craig, Sidus CEO/Founder. “As we look at the landscape of space opportunities, this is one of the many types of solutions we intend to bring to our customers on our mission to ‘Bring Space Down to Earth’ in a collaborative environment as a leading Space-as-a-Service provider.”

“The shared vision between our companies provides a path to pair our computing technology with Sidus’ spacecraft resources, enabling the delivery of intelligence that will help to effectively address a number of existing global crises humanity is facing, as well as those that present themselves in the future,” said Jeremy Allam, CEO & Co-founder, Exo-Space.