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Sidus Space Selects L3Harris Mission Critical Operations Center Software for LizzieSatTM Constellation

May 26, 2022

Sidus Space, Inc. has selected of L3Harris Technologies InControl™ and OnTime™ software for command and control and mission planning for LizzieSat™ Constellation.

InControl will provide satellite command and control software for on-orbit, factory test and ground system monitor and control. InControl supports the full range of command and control system requirements, including telemetry processing, data display and analysis, constellation monitoring and control, onboard system management and ground equipment monitoring and control. It is designed to support a fleet of satellites, treating each satellite and ground station as its own mission. OnTime is modular space mission planning software framework designed to plan, simulate and track mission success from inception to execution with user-specified levels of detail and plug and play capability with external tools. It is designed to aid mission planners by coordinating daily activities through a single user interface.

L3Harris will work with the Sidus team on full implementation of the two products at our Cape Canaveral facility in the coming weeks in preparation for the LizzieSAT-1 International Space Station (ISS) Space Station Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS) deployed mission planned for Q4 2022. “During our selection process we evaluated and received demonstrations of several existing and in development platforms,” John Curry, Chief Mission Operations Officer said. “The team determined that InControl provides the best solution for our Ground Operations, Training, Assembly, Integration & Test currently, while OnTime provides robust support for our mission planning, and both will scale easily as we deploy and manage our 100+ satellite constellation,” he said. “With our Space as a Service business model we must offer our diverse customer portfolio cost-effective, individualized operation of each satellite. With InControl’s ability to support each satellite and ground station as its own mission, we will be able to deliver on that commitment,” Curry noted. “The flexibility and scalability paired with the robust capabilities allow greater autonomy and allow for us to customize operations, expanding, when necessary, with less hardware and less complexity than other solutions which significantly reduces our overall operational cost.”

LizzieSats (LS) are partially 3D manufactured Low Earth Orbit (LEO) multi-mission microsatellites focused on rapid, cost-effective development and testing of upcoming innovative spacecraft technologies for multiple customers. LS is a 100kg (220-pound) satellite with space to rapidly integrate customer sensors and technologies.