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Planet and Leaf Partner to Provide Agricultural Insights For Developers

May 19, 2022

-Planet Labs PBC announced that their PlanetScope data is now available through Leaf, an agricultural data infrastructure company. Through Leaf’s imagery service, developers can access Planet’s satellite imagery to better inform their agricultural products.

Leaf’s unified farm data API helps streamline farm data integrations into a standardized format. With Leaf, software developers build useful products for the agricultural industry, including farm optimization tools, carbon markets and sustainability tracking, outcome-based financing, agronomic recommendations, and traceability applications. Now, with the integration of Planet’s data, Leaf customers can easily access daily satellite images of agricultural land.

“Agriculture is going through a digital revolution, and it’s companies like Leaf that are helping to propel this transition. I’m excited to have our daily data available through Leaf, where developers can pull the latest insights from Planet’s products into new models and toolkits for the industry,” said Jim Thomason, Planet’s VP of Imagery Products.

Planet owns and operates the largest fleet of Earth observation satellites in history, with approximately 200 satellites currently in orbit. The company collects an image of every land-based location on Earth every single day, generating an unprecedented dataset. These datasets are often leveraged by agricultural companies to analyze crop yields, predict harvest times, and lend insights into sustainable farming practices.

Leaf customers can now access the company's PlanetScope data, dating back to 2015, which provides daily images of each location at approximately 3 meter resolution. This historical archive is automatically integrated into Leaf’s infrastructure, enabling users to gain unique information regarding agricultural trends over time, like environmental and seasonal change or documentation of regenerative practices. New daily images are then also populated each day, giving near real-time insights into the health and productivity of agricultural fields.

“Our goal is to empower developers to build a food and agricultural system that benefits our health, environment, and agricultural economy. We are thrilled to now offer Planet’s data via our API as their PlanetScope daily imaging product could allow for better monitoring of sustainable projects and reveal changing seasonal trends for farmers and agronomists,” said Leaf CEO and co-founder Bailey Stockdale.

To access the Planet data, users can use an existing Planet account or subscribe to Planet imagery directly with Leaf. Leaf provides Planet imagery to developers in an analysis-ready format by processing the data and cropping and color correcting RGB and NDVI images of requested agricultural fields. Leaf’s single API is also compatible with Sentinel-2 and Landsat, enabling developers to have multiple Earth observation data streams when building their products.