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Spire Global to Provide Gale Force with Weather Data to Improve Maritime Vessel Performance and Reduce Carbon Emissions

May 05, 2022

Spire Global, Inc. announced a new contract with Gale Force, a global weather routing and performance monitoring service, to provide weather data to enhance its maritime route optimization platform. 

With Spire’s global weather data, Gale Force can provide its maritime customers with optimal route recommendations, helping them save time, reduce fuel costs and increase the accuracy of arrival times at ports. It also reduces carbon emissions, which is a major step towards creating sustainable practices in the shipping industry.

Spire has the ultimate vantage point from space to collect global weather data through its constellation of over 100 satellites, reaching remote areas like the open oceans that have traditionally been difficult to gain insight into. With these unique weather observations and using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to enhance the data, Spire provides a reliable and accurate global weather forecast. This is especially important in the maritime industry where ships may be confronted midway through their journeys with hazardous weather conditions that pose a threat to crew safety and can significantly delay their arrival.

“If you work in shipping, you know that weather is of the utmost importance as it can make or break your journey,” said Tom Sandberg, Gale Force CEO. “Spire’s data and analytics give us insights into weather patterns in the far reaches of the ocean to ensure our customers have the best route to get to their end destinations faster, safer and in a more fuel-efficient manner.”

“We’re proud to share Gale Force’s mission of advancing the maritime sector and building a safer and more sustainable world,” said Durjoy Mazumdar, Global Head of Weather Sales, Spire. “Data is a powerful tool to create a more efficient global trade network that can help secure the supply chain while reducing the environmental footprint of maritime activity.”