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All-Canadian Space Launch Solution Plans Inaugural Flight for 2023

May 04, 2022

Maritime Launch Services Inc. and Reaction Dynamics (RDX) are pleased to announce that they have signed a letter of intent to conduct launches from Spaceport Nova Scotia, expected to begin in 2023. These launches will provide the country sovereign launch capabilities and add Canada to the short list of “Launching States.”

This partnership will advance the continuing plan to bring medium class launch capability to Nova Scotia to meet growing satellite constellation market needs. A first suborbital launch from Spaceport Nova Scotia using Reaction Dynamic’s small class launch vehicle Aurora and its advanced hybrid technology is planned for the summer of 2023. 

Reaction Dynamics is a Quebec-based aerospace company that is developing Canada’s first small-and medium-sized launch vehicles using clean technology that will place small satellites into low earth orbit (LEO) at a competitive price.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Reaction Dynamics for a series of launches starting with a demonstration launch in 2023” said Stephen Matier, President and CEO, Maritime Launch Services. “Reaction Dynamics is the ultimate reflection of Canadian space innovation and their environmental and service delivery goals are completely aligned with Maritime Launch. Reaction Dynamics is developing launch vehicles with a unique, green fuel technology to offer to our satellite clients at a competitive cost. We are striving to build a carbon neutral spaceport that will offer clients a competitive price to launch with access to the widest range of inclinations offered in North America.”

Maritime Launch and RDX will select a Canadian payload for the demonstration launch. RDX will provide the vehicle and support equipment to Spaceport Nova Scotia, while Maritime Launch will provide launch services and facility support infrastructure. This first launch will allow Maritime Launch and their federal partners to gain space launch heritage as they prepare for future orbital launch campaigns.

“Maritime Launch is building the most ideal location to launch from in North America, providing Canada with critical orbital launch infrastructures”, said Bachar Elzein, CEO and CTO of Reaction Dynamics. “Satellite operators supply critical data that improves the lives of millions and enhances our national security. Together with Maritime Launch, we can unleash the full potential of responsive access to space, and establish Canada as the most sustainable and reliable rocket launch destination in North America.”

Maritime Launch and Reaction Dynamics have signed a letter of intent and will negotiate a definitive supply agreement to conduct small-class orbital launches from Spaceport Nova Scotia following the initial suborbital flight.