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Spire Global Introduces New Weather Insights Solutions for the Maritime Industry


April 27, 2022

Spire Global, Inc. announced the addition of Weather Insights and Weather by Route solutions to its portfolio. These solutions provide customers with an analysis of how upcoming weather conditions will impact their operations and enable them to focus on improving efficiency and safety.

Spire collects global weather data through its fully-deployed constellation of over 100 satellites, reaching remote areas like the open oceans that have traditionally been difficult to observe. This is especially important in the maritime industry where a vessel can be impacted by unexpected extreme weather midway through its journey causing it to take a less efficient route and increase its speed, which results in higher fuel emissions.

By combining weather data with maritime expertise through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Spire Weather Insights saves customers development time and costs. Spire’s customers no longer need to allocate resources to data collection and mining, nor acquire other data sources to garner the necessary insights that drive decision making. Organizations can simply integrate Spire’s API into their application, allowing them to focus on the core competency of their business.

Spire’s new weather solutions empower vessel operators with data and actionable recommendations for their voyages:

Risk Insight provides weather risk level for vessel, cargo, and crew at each leg of a voyage at sea. The user inputs characteristics of the vessel, load, and desired route into an API, and Spire’s proprietary algorithm calculates the projected risk along the route.

Efficiency Insight anticipates the impact of weather along each leg of a route allowing vessel operators to chart optimized routes, both before and during a voyage, to reduce fuel consumption.

Weather by Route delivers highly customized and accurate weather forecasts along a vessel’s planned path on the open ocean. It helps vessel operators plan a route or monitor a voyage in motion.

“As a mission-driven company, we’re committed to providing solutions for today’s global challenges, such as global supply chain disruptions and climate change,” said Dr. Kevin Petty, VP, Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire. “Our weather solutions give maritime organizations the resources they need to optimize fuel consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, better predict port ETA, and keep crew safe from hazardous weather conditions.”