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Capella Space Announces New Data Products to Automate SAR Imagery Analysis Via Its Image-Tasking Console

April 14, 2022

Capella Space, announced three new integrated analytics capabilities into its image-tasking web application, the Capella Console. Vessel Detection, Change Detection, and Global Change Monitoring support Capella's vision to offer a fully automated image tasking system that provides customers with timely, reliable, and accurate imagery capture and data analysis.

Government and commercial customers across a diverse range of industries need solutions that will enable them to be more agile and efficient in making strategic, mission-critical decisions. With these new products, Capella expands its self-service tasking console so customers can not only task and collect high-resolution SAR imagery on demand but also gain automated insights into what the imagery is showing. Coupled with Capella's unique tasking patterns and all-weather imaging, customers are given unparalleled access to real-time knowledge of changes happening on Earth's surface.

"The Capella Console is revolutionizing the commercial satellite industry, and these new analytics tools provide our customers a leg-up when it comes to making informed decisions about their business," said Payam Banazadeh, CEO and co-founder of Capella Space. "We're seeing how access to near-real-time information through routine revisit can be the difference in taking more efficient routes, catching preventable mistakes, or even saving human lives. We are only scratching the surface of what can be done with data-integrated satellite technology."

Capella announced three new analytics products:

Vessel Detection: By integrating AI and ML algorithms into the Capella Console through the new Vessel Detection offering, Capella Space can deliver images that identify a range of maritime vessels using overlaid bounding boxes. Utilizing Capella's agile constellation and reliable image-tasking, locations may be tasked on-demand or on a repeating schedule to monitor critical situations and areas of interest.

Change Detection: Using the new Change Detection interface optimized for efficient tasking and image analysis, Capella Space customers can create automated monitoring campaigns that compare changes over time for an area of interest. The Capella Console automatically color-codes new changes appearing in a targeted location over time, based on common descriptors: red is fled, blue is new. The automated image acquisition and change detection workflow saves users valuable time so they can seamlessly review the imagery and insights directly within the Capella Console.

Global Change Monitoring: By ingesting the European Space Agency's Sentinel-1 SAR satellite data, Capella Space customers now have more access and more insight into all corners of the globe via the Global Change Monitoring product. Leveraging Sentinel-1 data for automated change detection over time, customers can use the Capella Console to review anomalies over vast regions of interest and task on-demand Capella imagery for detailed inspection. Sentinel-1 SAR data complements Capella's very high-resolution imagery—combining Capella's rapid-response tasking with the regular collection, worldwide coverage, and a historical archive of Sentinel-1.

"Now more than ever, organizations need the speed and agility in decision making that imagery and remotely sensed data can provide," said Dan Getman, Vice President of Product at Capella Space. "As organizations are more heavily relying on information from remote sensing and earth observation tools in decision-making, we're seeing growing interest in providing both insights and imagery all in one place. The introduction of analytics tools in the Capella Console, in combination with the flexibility of our satellite constellation, delivers an entirely new experience for customers to tap into insights from space with the quality, reliability, and timeliness they need to meet their mission and business objectives."