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Aurora Insight Announces Strategic Investment From MAXAR

Feb 23, 2022

Aurora Insight announced a strategic investment from Maxar Technologies.

Aurora Insight directly measures the global RF environment with terrestrial and satellite-based sensors to provide government and commercial customers with comprehensive data on spectrum and wireless network infrastructure.

The strategic investment from Maxar will help Aurora Insight accelerate its satellite technology development.

Access to spectrum has become a top concern for organizations around the world, and Maxar's strategic investment will further enhance Aurora Insight's ability to measure the global RF environment and provide detailed information and insights on spectral activity.

The strategic investment will help Aurora Insight accelerate its satellite technology development, expand its product offering and enter new, emerging markets. The two companies anticipate working together to combine Aurora Insight's RF spectrum mapping capabilities with Maxar's geospatial solutions, with the goal of developing a radio frequency-enhanced GEOINT solution for government and commercial customers that provides more comprehensive and accurate geospatial insights.

Regarding the investment, Aurora Insight CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Alvarez said, "We are thrilled to embark on this new partnership with Maxar because it is a natural extension of Aurora Insight's vision to build a continually updating RF map of the world. By combining Aurora Insight's spectrum data with Maxar's high-resolution imagery, AI analytics and 3D capabilities, we can unlock new opportunities to support customers with valuable data in the 5G era and beyond."

Aurora Insight will leverage Maxar's deep understanding of geospatial intelligence to continue advancing its spectrum mapping solutions which include spectrum monitoring, mapping wireless network deployments, detecting interference and more.