AST SpaceMobile Announces an Expanded Board of Directors to Join at The Closing of the Business Combination with New Providence Acquisition Corp.

March 2, 2021

AST & Science, LLC announced the Board of Directors of AST SpaceMobile, Inc. ("AST SpaceMobile").  AST SpaceMobile will be a public company following AST's expected business combination with New Providence Acquisition Corp. a special purpose acquisition company.

AST SpaceMobile Announces an Expanded Board of Directors

"We're thrilled to have the expertise of our board members, who are pioneers in their industries, including the additions of Edward Knapp of American Tower, Richard Sarnoff of KKR, Ronald Rubin of Tower Alliance, Julio Torres of Multiple Equilibria Capital and Alex Coleman of NPA," said Abel Avellan, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of AST SpaceMobile. "With our Board leadership team now in place, we're preparing for the approaching close of our business combination, enabling our next phase of rapid growth." 

The AST Business Combination was structured to provide adequate funding to build and launch AST SpaceMobile's first phase of 20 production satellites by early 2023. These satellites are expected to initially enable service to equatorial regions, covering 1.6 billion people and begin generating revenue in collaboration with world-class mobile network operators that include one of our founding and strategic technology partners, Vodafone. 

 AST SpaceMobile's goal, in partnership with existing mobile operators, is to eliminate the connectivity gaps faced by today's 5 billion mobile subscribers and finally bring broadband to approximately half of the world's population who remain unconnected.

Members of the AST SpaceMobile Board of Directors after closing will include:

Edward Knapp, Chief Technology Officer for American Tower Corporation

Richard Sarnoff, Partner at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company ("KKR")

Ronald Rubin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tower Alliance, LLC.

Julio A. Torres, Managing Partner at Multiple Equilibria Capital

Alexander Coleman, NPA's Chairman

These leaders will join individuals who currently serve on AST's Board of Directors as directors of AST SpaceMobile, including:

Abel Avellan, AST's Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Thomas Severson, Chief Financial and Operating Officer of AST

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten, Inc.

Tareq Amin, Group Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Rakuten, Inc.

Luke Ibbetson, Head of Group R&D at Vodafone Group

Adriana Cisneros, Chief Executive Officer of Cisneros