The Colombian Air Force initiates its second advanced Nanosatellite mission with GomSpace

GomSpace has signed a contract with CODALTEC / Colombian Air Force (“FAC”) to initiate the FACSAT-2 satellite mission and associated intensive virtual technology transfer program. The contract is worth 6.9 MSEK (770KUSD) and will be delivered over the next 6-8 months.

The FACSAT-2 project comprises design, manufacture, test and operation of an advanced 6U remote sensing spacecraft. The program will build on the successful collaboration established and local capability built during the FACSAT-1 program under which a Colombian 3U satellites was launched in 2018 and is today in continued operation by FAC.

This is the second step to develop a small satellite capability in Colombia with the Colombian Air Force directly involved in all phases of implementing the program. The present contract covers preliminary design activities and continued capacity building to be performed with close collaboration between GomSpace experts and FAC personnel.

“This new contract with the Colombian Air Force shows the value GomSpace is providing to customers seeking to gain technological competence while building their own space capacity. We are very pleased to have the Colombian Air Force as a returning customer.” – says Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace.

Nanosatellite Technology is in continuous development unlocking increasing potential for national states to build operational space-based capabilities at much reduced cost compared to traditional space programs.