XipLink Joins Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Initiative

September 23, 2020 

Envistacom, LLC announced today that XipLink, Inc. has teamed up with Envistacom to deliver Space Communications Protocols Specification (SCPS) Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Acceleration, WAN optimization and related networking technologies to customers through Envistacom’s Transport Virtualization Ecosystem (TVE).

Delivering adjacent applications through Envistacom’s TVE enables users to enhance their deployed networks without adding additional hardware appliances that can present technical and logistical challenges.

“Several years ago, we started moving XipOS software from dedicated appliances to virtualized solutions in order to provide ultimate flexibility for our customers,” said Jack Waters, CEO of XipLink. “Envistacom has parlayed this virtual capability into a powerful COTS hardware offering while also leveraging solutions like XipLink Virtual (XV) into the Transport Virtualization Ecosystem for a convenient marketplace for Federal and Commercial customers.  We are excited to be one of the initial partners with Envistacom to ensure modern day delivery methods to the marketplace.”

WAN optimization is one of many adjacent networking applications that can be incorporated onto non-proprietary, virtualization-enabled, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to enhance network infrastructures without the need for additional space, power, or cooling.  Other complementary networking applications range from cyber sensors to intrusion detection and protection solutions, firewalls, encryption, and many more.  The ability to download and utilize network enhancements on the fly will provide for more flexible and resilient networks.

“We are pleased that XipLink will bring their technologies to our Transport Virtualization Ecosystem,” said Michael Geist, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Technology at Envistacom.  “XipLink is world-renowned for their offerings in the optimization of dynamic wireless links that face challenges in network latency, high bit error rates, or infeasible asymmetric connection conditions.  We look forward to working together to help our customers enhance their future networks,” Geist added.