Jar Electrónica Aplicada (Grupo Jar) expands their VSAT platform to deliver Internet Services and Cellular Backhauling to Tier1 Telcos in Central America and the Caribbean.


 SpaceBridge Inc., has received a significant order from Grupo Jar to expand its Discovery VSAT platform.

Grupo Jar, headquartered in Monterrey City, Mexico, is a Telecommunication systems integrator with over 35 years of experience delivering specialized business networking, and communication solutions in the fields of industrial automation, energy, security, information technologies, automated buildings, and data centers. 

Grupo Jar and Spacebridge Inc. have been doing business for almost 10 years. Grupo Jar relies on the flexibility and robustness of their Discovery VSAT platform to deliver connectivity for multiple applications including internet, rural telephony and cellular backhaul services within its coverage area.

Roberto Garcia, Grupo Jar CEO, explained “We have expanded the SpaceBridge’s Discovery VSAT platform to hundreds of VSAT terminals using multiple generations of SpaceBridge modems, which has significantly reduced our cost of ownership and preserve our original investment both at the Hub and the remote infrastructure” and further added “whereas Spacebridge architecture allows us to add the latest efficiencies and optimization of new technologies, it creates an environment that is backwards compatible, allowing a graceful update without losing our original investment”.

This latest expansion will further upgrade their VSAT platform to enhance internet services and cellular backhauling for their Tier 1 operator/customer across their coverage area (Central America and the Caribbean). This expansion also involves doubling the capacity of the HUB and the terminals of its system, increasing the connectivity bandwidth of the existing terminals.