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hiSky reveals its Smartellite™ Dynamic Ku-band terminal, based on phased array antenna technology

July 9, 2020

hiSky Ltd. announced the start of Early Field Trials (EFT) of its Ku-band satellite terminal; another milestone in the expansion of the company’s portfolio of products and services.

Developed over the past year, the new SmartelliteTM Dynamic Ku-band terminal complements hiSky’s ability to provide global coverage of its services, both onshore and offshore, and in territories where the Ku frequency offers a significant advantage, or where Ka frequencies are simply not available. Enabling a low and medium data rate for IoT applications, the new terminal meets a growing demand across a range of industries, including fisheries, fleet management, agriculture, oil & gas and more.

Based on hiSky’s innovative SmartelliteTM Dynamic Ka-band terminal, the Ku-band terminal offers the same advantages in terms of on-the-move capabilities, weight, size and price. It also uses the same building blocks, such as a built-in modem and phased array antenna technology, and connects to hiSky’s comprehensive Network Management System (NMS), hiSky360 managing both Ka and Ku-band terminals on the same network.

Able to communicate with both GEO and LEO satellites, the system also has future customization capabilities that will enable it to work with up-and-coming LEO constellations, such as Starlink by SpaceX and Amazon’s Kuiper, to achieve a high data rate transmission.

Having successfully carried out laboratory experiments based on the original design, hiSky is now embarking on EFT on Ku satellites, with strategic partners and a number of prospective clients around the world.

“The development of the Ku terminal is another milestone in our company’s growth process and product portfolio,” says Shahar Kravitz, Co-Founder and CEO of hiSky. “It’s important for us to be at the forefront of technological advancement and to adapt our services to the demands of the current market. There’s no doubt that the launch of this Ku terminal will bring added value to the company and strengthen our position in today’s global satellite arena. This is just one of the exciting developments we have been working on recently – we’ll be announcing more in the near future!”