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Virtual Museum Tour: A1 Telekom Austria Group and Museum TV Inking Strategic Partnership

A1 Telekom Austria Group announces that it has formed a strategic partnership with Museum TV – a French channel devoted to art. The cooperation comprises the Central & West Europe area.

Through its direct2home platform operated in Aflenz, Austria, A1 Telekom Austria Group is the new provider of satellite distribution and contribution services for Museum TV. The channel will be uplinked on Eutelsat 9B at 9° East - the leading satellite position for Central & West Europe.

Museum TV features several museums and works of art signed by well-known artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Andy Warhol. The programs of the channel are filmed with 4K/Ultra HD technology, which allows them to present their work in its truest form and offers an enriching viewing experience. The connoisseurs of art can enjoy the program of Museum TV as of now in a premium quality.  

”A1 Telekom Austria Group is our long-trusted partner and we are pleased for the opportunity to distribute our channel in the best way possible on the TV broadcasting market. Museum TV aims to deliver high-quality picture with a nice and simple introduction to art through a stroll in the museum – you can enjoy one of the most famous pieces in the world’s history or discover new perspectives and artists’’, states Nela Pavlouskova, representing Museum TV.  

Elena Petrova, Head of Broadcasting Wholesale at A1 Telekom Austria Group, adds: “We are excited to cooperate with Museum TV and distribute its high-quality premium content dedicated to art. We are pleased to provide safe and secure technical delivery of the channel via A1 Telekom Austria Group's direct2home platform to all pay TV operators across Europe on EUTELSAT 9B”.