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ArianeGroup: Andre-Hubert Roussel to succeed Alain Charmeau as CEO 

26 November, 2018

André-Hubert Roussel has been appointed by the ArianeGroup Board of Directors as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2019, further to a proposal from shareholders Airbus and Safran

He replaces Alain Charmeau, founder of ArianeGroup, who will retire after a transition period

André-Hubert Roussel, a member of ArianeGroup board since July 2018, is currently Head of Operations at Airbus Defence and Space

The Board of Directors of ArianeGroup has endorsed the proposal made by Airbus and Safran and has approved on November 22, 2019, the appointment of Andre-Hubert Roussel, 53, to succeed Alain Charmeau,62, as Chief Executive Officer of the company, effective January 1, 2019.  

Andre-Hubert Roussel is currently Head of Operations at Airbus Defence and Space and has been a member of ArianeGroup Board since July 2018.  

Alain Charmeau will retire after a transition phase from January 1st to March 31, 2019, during which he will serve as Special Advisor to the new CEO of ArianeGroup

The ArianeGroup Board expressed its gratitude to Alain Charmeau for his work on behalf of ArianeGroup and the European space launchers industry. Saying, “Alain Charmeau has been a tireless advocate of the merger of the Airbus and Safran launcher activities, overseeing the creation of ArianeGroup and building up the company while carrying out the essential, in-depth changes to the governance of the European launchers sector. He notably contributed to a new competitive industrial organization for development and production of Ariane 6 throughout Europe and coordinated the merger with Arianespace. With the full confidence of the government stakeholders, he also enabled the efficient continuation of major defense programs. Finally, he initiated a profound transformation of ArianeGroup to consolidate its position as European leader of access to space, in a particularly complex and competitive global market.”  

Alain Charmeau stated, “I am happy to hand the reins over to Andre-Hubert Roussel, whom I have known for a long time and with whom I have worked on developing the civil launchers sector. ArianeGroup is now a recognized company worldwide, and it is now Andre-Hubert Roussel who must continue the adventure to ensure the success of ArianeGroup as a competitive and innovative group, guaranteeing independent and strategic access to space for Europeans. On this occasion, I would like to thank all ArianeGroup employees for their engagement as well as our customers from both civil and defense markets for their trust.”

Andre-Hubert Roussel commented, “Succeeding Alain is an honor and a huge responsibility. The employees and management of ArianeGroup have already done a tremendous job in making Ariane 6 a reality, while maintaining the success of Ariane 5, ensuring the quality of service for the French Oceanic Deterrent Force and developing new products and services. Together, we will take up the challenges that await us, starting with the success of the Ariane 6 maiden flight in 2020 and its marketing with institutional and commercial customers.”