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AMTEL-SVYAZ Deploys Allot Service Gateway for QoE/QoS Assurance and DDoS Mitigation

July 24, 2018

Allot Communications Ltd., announced that Russian satellite operator AMTEL-SVYAZ has implemented the Allot Service Gateway (SG), including DDoS Secure, in partnership with Mandarin Solutions, to maximize visibility, security and control in a fully virtualized environment. The Allot SG DPI solution combines application-aware traffic control, DDoS protection, and bot containment to improve network Quality of Service (QoS) and user Quality of Experience (QoE) by eliminating malicious attacks and limiting bandwidth-hungry applications.

AMTEL-SVYAZ is a rapidly growing provider of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellite communications services, servicing business-to-government and business-to-consumer market segments.

"The advantage of the DPI system from Allot is that it can be deployed on a virtual infrastructure. Thus, we were able to reduce the initial cost (CAPEX) and reduce the payback period of the system," said Igor Ilinchik, first deputy CEO at AMTEL-SVYAZ. "Solving the problems of network protection against DDoS attacks and overloads enabled us to improve our quality of services."

"It was a pleasure working with Allot to deliver such a comprehensive solution to Amtel," said Tatiana Simonenko, the CEO of Mandarin Solutions. "A key factor in AMTEL-SVYAZ decision was Allot's high-quality resolution of both initial and ongoing requirements in the delivery of such a successful POC."

By activating Allot Traffic Management and DDoS Protection functionality on a virtualized implementation of the Allot SG, AMTEL-SVYAZ is now able to:

  • Protect service availability and quality by blocking both inbound and outband DDoS attacks;
  • Gain full visibility of DDoS attacks, along with valuable threat intelligence previously unavailable;
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through improved streaming quality;
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements; and
  • Save time and costs by implementing a fully virtualized solution.

"We're delighted that AMTEL-SVYAZ can benefit from our unique blend of network intelligence and security solutions which allow service providers to deploy true multi-service functionality in a fully virtualized form factor. This reduces implementation costs and overall TCO for the project, all while delivering a superior performance," said Ran Fridman, Executive Vice President, Sales of Allot. "Our granular DPI technology ensures robust protection against a rapidly evolving DDoS threat landscape and offers a new level of network bandwidth intelligence, keeping service providers firmly on the front foot when it comes to ensuring quality of service and customer satisfaction."