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GomSpace and AISTECH sign new agreement

GomSpace Group AB  and the Spanish company AISTECH have signed a contract for a total value of approx. 1.4 milion EUR.

The first part of the contract, for 6 standard nanosatellite platforms, is a follow-on order of 4 platforms ordered in September 2017, according to the Framework Delivery Agreement signed between both companies then. The second part of the contract includes Assembly, Integration and Verification of AISTECH’s 10 DANU spacecraft, built on GomSpace platforms, as well as other engineering services, such as pre-launch Environmental Testing. All these activities will take place within the next 12 months at GomSpace’s recently inaugurated center for constellation integration.

The DANU Constellation, made by over 100 spacecraft, will provide global Air Traffic detection services as well IoT / M2M (Internet of Things / Machine to Machine) connectivity for critical asset tracking and monitoring. The DANU spacecraft have been designed by AISTECH to deliver the highest levels of quality services with space-based data infrastructure.

“AISTECH’s contract is a great example of the quick development of the New Space sector. We are proud to continue having their trust with this new order and hope to see their 10 spacecraft in orbit very soon”, says Niels Buus, CEO of GomSpace.

“This contract is a major milestone in the development and deployment of our DANU constellation. The first 10 satellites shall be in orbit by mid-2019, providing cost-efficient data and connectivity services to customers across the globe. We are happy to work with GomSpace and to count with their commitment and support”, says Guillermo Valenzuela, CEO of AISTECH.