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Integrasys and UHP Networks Simplify VSAT Installation

1 March 2018

Integrasys, leading manufacturer of Carrier Monitoring Systems is partnering with UHP Networks to commercialize its industry recognised Satmotion Pocket autocommissioning tool. UHP has integrated the tool into its product portfolio, enabling it to deliver a fast and effective way to commission the remote terminals out in the field.
UHP Networks is a leading global manufacturer of high-availability VSAT products and solutions. It is currently undergoing a period of rapid growth, with over 10,000 VSATs and 30 hubs shipped in 2017 alone. Its largest network now consists of 3,000 VSATs, with a growing number of VSATs being shipped out. UHP has experienced customer demand for a quicker and simplified installation process.
Satmotion Pocket is a unique VSAT auto commissioning system, which greatly minimizes deployment time and effort, as well as significantly reducing costs during installation and maintenance. UHP’s customers are now able to benefit from the efficiencies this tool brings.
Juan C. Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys, said: “UHP Networks is rapidly expanding its business across the globe. This partnership opens up new markets and opportunities for us and we look forward to continuing to grow our own presence in the market together with UHP.”
Vagan Shakhgildian, President and CEO, UHP Networks, added: “Mis-alignment of VSATs at installation is one of the biggest causes of problems for any satellite network. Satmotion Pocket from Integrasys is a simple yet powerful tool and I look forward to helping our customers greatly improve installation efficiency and reduce costs.”