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Hiltron Completes Comms System for NATO Maritime Group


Hiltron Communications announces the completion of data and voice communications systems for one of the largest naval fleets in the NATO Maritime Group. The project was carried out in partnership with a major European company which specialises in naval electronics.

"This was the latest project in a series with this particularly partner which has been ongoing on a ship by ship basis since 2011," says Hiltron Managing Director Jan Molter. "Each installation provides the codec facilities needed for secure satellite-based communication between vessel and land, including IP network access and vocal telephony. The previous systems have proved highly reliable and are based on Vocality codecs which are among the most efficient of their kind currently available."

Ship to shore communication is a vital aspect of naval operation and is much easier to achieve using satellite links than traditional radio technology. Vocality multiplexers provide the full range of user-facing connectivity, while managing the bandwidth used in multiplexing the services between locations. Four variations are available: portable V25 and V50plus and rackmount V150 and V200. Each voice and data multiplex offers a different layout and density of ports such as voice, Ethernet, serial data or ISDN. As they all operate the same software, their management interface is nearly identical and they are all interoperable.