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CPI ASC Signal Division Receives Contract for Ka-Band Antenna System in Middle East

 May 18, 2016

The ASC Signal Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) has been awarded a Ka-band antenna contract from Dubai-based SkyStream, a major provider of satellite Internet services in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East region.  This award is the latest international contract for Ka-band antennas recently received by CPI ASC Signal Division.

For SkyStream, CPI ASC Signal Division developed a motorized 5.6m Ka-band system with wideband feed, Sub-Reflector Tracking (SRT), and CPI ASC Signal Division’s popular Next Generation Controller (NGC), which includes a high-accuracy motor kit and outdoor unit (ODU).  The NGC’s indoor unit (IDU) includes a built-in 10 MHz reference source as well as environmental controls for the feed heater and, because of the terrain in which it will operate, a sand/dust deviator.  Along with these standard accessories, CPI ASC Signal Division will also provide SkyStream with an ODU high-temperature kit and online training modules for its NGC.

“For us the ability to deliver quality satellite Internet services throughout our region, where demand is high, requires that the technologies which support our network be first-rate.  The CPI ASC Signal organization gives us comfort in this regard,” said Riyadh Al Adely, Managing Director of SkyStream.

Using CPI ASC Signal Division’s Ka-band antennas, SkyStream will provide service to Ooredoo, one of Qatar’s leading communications companies.  The system will be used as part of the Ooredoo cloud service, internet applications and VOIP.

“CPI ASC Signal Division’s innovative antenna technology is being used by customers around the globe, and this collaboration with SkyStream expands our footprint in the growing satellite communications market in the Middle East.  We look forward to working with SkyStream, which, because of the complexity of multi-screen end-user requirements, understands that value-added engineering and forward-thinking satellite and Internet solutions in the EMEA region are the wave of the future,” said Keith Buckley, president of CPI ASC Signal Division.

CPI ASC Signal noted that among the latest international contracts for Ka-band antennas is an order for Slovenia’s STN Teleport, which was named the world’s Independent Teleport Operator of the Year by World Teleport Association during the 2016 Satellite show in the USA.