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Telenor Satellite delivers Ka-band land-based services to more than 200 terminals


May 12, 2016


Telenor Satellite announced that its Ka-band satellite capacity packages for land-based services in the Middle East have surpassed initial expectations, reaching more than 200 terminals within the first six months of commercial operation.


Telenor Satellite commercially launched its iDirect land-based services for the Middle East and North Africa in Q4, 2015, via its new THOR 7 satellite. Since the launch, more and more customers throughout the Middle East region have contracted our land-based services packages, specifically in countries where there is limited fibre connectivity and satellite is the preferred distribution platform for vital and reliable communication links.


The THOR 7 Ka-band payload delivers greater capacity at faster speeds and lower costs, and provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the Middle East. Utilising the iDirect Evolution platform, Telenor Satellite’s Ka-band technology services deliver reliable and stable communications to Internet service providers (ISPs) and corporations with shared or dedicated high-speed internet access for always-on operations across remote locations.


“Our THOR 7 Ka-band land-based services have exceeded our initial take-up expectations in the Middle East”, said Julian Crudge, Divisional Director, Network and Data services, Telenor Satellite. “Utilising Ka-band technology to provide lower-cost but reliable connectivity services, we are able to meet the demands of our corporate and small-business customers in a region which relies heavily on satellite connectivity for communication links.”