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New Built-in Spectrum Analyzer with DEV Systemtechnik ARCHIMEDES L-Band Matrix
April 13, 2016

DEV Systemtechnik  announces that its ARCHIMEDES L-Band Matrix Switch now comes with an Integrated Spectrum Analyzer (ISA) option, which offers cable head end operations managers even more features and benefits.  The  L-Band Matrix Switch with ISA gives operators the ability to easily and flexibly analyze their RF and Satellite signals via a Graphical User Interface over Ethernet, or the Multi-Touch Display. The new option for the Distributing Matrix can be integrated to meet customer requirements.

RF signals at both the output of the ARCHIMEDES Matrix, and from separate equipment can be analyzed without the need for additional rack space or measurement equipment.  “This makes the product ideally suited for systems operators in head ends, since signal analysis and optimization operations can be readily performed with an ‘always-available’ built-in spectrum analyzer device,” says Oliver Herzberger, Strategic Technology Manager at DEV Systemtechnik.
”The result of these advantages is that operators gain the most flexible L-Band distributing matrix for optimized operation of the head end,” says Oliver Herzberger. ”The ARCHIMEDES L-Band Distributing Matrix in 4RU with configurations up to 64x64 is stronger, smaller and smarter, with the most competitive cost to performance ratio. The Integrated Spectrum Analyzer option differentiates the Matrix even further,” he adds.