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Tenth Navy Order for Orbit's Maritime Satcom Terminals English

March 11, 2020

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. announced a new US$2.7 million contract with a major Asian Navy for a combination of OceanTRx 4 and OceanTRx 7 maritime satcom terminals, and associated spares.   

This order represents the tenth Navy to select Orbit's OceanTRx product line, and the fourth in the last nine months. Since its introduction in 2015, OceanTRx has become the leading terminal in the large cruise ship segment, a top choice for offshore platforms and critical data links, and now the growing choice for Navy applications.   

"The proven performance and reliability of OceanTRx, along with a range of antenna sizes and configurations, have been key differentiators in all of our recent Navy orders," noted Orbit CEO Dany Eshchar. "In this case the Navy selected different antenna sizes to meet mission requirements of across a wide range of vessels, with the added benefit of common operations and shared spare parts."

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