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Aerkomm Inc. to Supply Hong Kong Airlines with In-Flight Connectivity


 Feb. 4, 2020

Aerkomm Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Aircom Pacific, Inc. ("Aircom") has signed an agreement with Hong Kong Airlines Ltd ("Hong Kong Airlines") to provide Hong Kong Airlines with both its AirCinema and AERKOMM K++ In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity ("IFEC") solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Aircom shall provide to Hong Kong Airlines its Ka-band AERKOMM K++ IFEC system for installation on its fleet of 12 Airbus A320 and 5 Airbus A330-300 aircraft as well as the AERKOMM AirCinema system for the Airbus A320 aircraft.

The AERKOMM AirCinema system, which Aircom is designing and implementing specifically for Hong Kong Airlines, will introduce free high speed internet access to the seat back screens of Hong Kong Airlines' Airbus A320 aircraft, connected via the Ka-band AERKOMM K++ IFEC system. Instead of the traditionally preloaded and fixed selection of in-flight entertainment, passengers will have access to high-speed internet steaming services for videos, music, live TV, and social media. Aircom and Hong Kong Airlines will work closely together to develop the AERKOMM AirCinema system, thus making Hong Kong Airlines the launch customer for this innovative solution.

The AERKOMM K++ IFEC system will also provide passengers of Hong Kong Airlines with an "at home" network experience by giving free access to on-board WiFi internet connectivity to all passenger personal devices, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. The AERKOMM K++ system will be ready future-proof and compatible with the next generation of satellite technologies. This system will also provide passengers of Hong Kong Airlines with access to e-commerce amenities such as in-flight shopping and travel services. Details and terms about the services to be provided via the AERKOMM K++ system are being actively discussed by Aircom and Hong Kong Airlines and will be set forth in one or more service level agreements to be entered into by the parties.

Mr. Jeffrey Wun, CEO of Aerkomm, commented, "This agreement marks the next step in our partnership with Hong Kong Airlines, who will be the launch customer of our AERKOMM K++ IFEC system. In addition, this agreement, as the first application of our technology to a commercial passenger fleet, is a milestone in the commercialization of our AERKOMM K++ IFEC system. We look forward to furthering our partnership with Hong Kong Airlines to implement our industry-leading technology."



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