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AssetLink Global Ensures Real-Time Visibility and Safety of Vessels in Congested South East Asia Waters

Jan. 16, 2020

AssetLink Global LLC today announced that it is deepening ties with Kemilinks, a Singapore based telecommunications Service Based Operator (SBO) licensed by the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), by supplying marine grade distributed computing IoT hardware and ubiquitous connectivity services in support of regional commercial shipping and fishing markets. Kemilinks has authorized a large order of AssetLink's AssetPack™ family of IoT solutions for use in its Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), for tracking, emergency alerts, situational awareness in relation to critical maritime borders, and other fishery-related data and sensor communications.

AssetLink IoT solutions are purpose built offering real-time track & trace and edge intelligence required by Kemilinks to precisely monitor location and activities of fishing vessels operating in territorial waters across South East Asia. Kemilinks' VMS bolsters the efforts of regional governments and oceanic agencies to counteract forced labor practices and obviate illegal, unreported, and unauthorized fishing, through a series of commercial fishing laws and the issuance of vessel operating licenses regulated and enforced by individual member countries. The AssetPack™, a key component of the Kemilinks VMS, provides critical GPS geofencing and panic button capabilities, and is currently in use by fishing vessel owners registered with Myanmar's Fisheries Department (DOF) and other regional agencies.

"Keeping our crew safe and productive remains top of mind as we head into the new year, and AssetLink IoT technologies are an integral and cost-effective component of our enterprise VMS strategy," said Frankie Neo, CEO of Kemilinks. "AssetPack Hybrid provides the visibility and situational awareness required for complex, real-time monitoring of our fleet vessels at sea."

AssetPack™ is a next-generation, solar-battery powered IoT device capable of bi-directional communications over high-availability cellular and satellite data networks in unforgiving marine environments, anywhere on the open seas. AssetPack™ is composed of precision GPS and sensor-agnostic interfaces designed to track the movement of fleet assets, gather data on local marine ecologies, and allow for emergency communications and geographic awareness of vessels in relation to sensitive borders and fishery boundaries. The solution may be easily and cost effectively installed on a wide range of marine assets -- including fishing vessels, drift trackers, and buoys -- and is engineered to withstand perpetual maintenance-free operation in unforgiving marine environments.

"We are proud to be supporting Kemilinks' important initiatives to bring a new level of visibility, safety, and sustainability to fishing operations across South East Asia," said David J. Goldstein, President & CEO of AssetLink. "The AssetPack™ configured for VMS use culminates over two decades of technology experience designing, manufacturing, and implementing IoT solutions for a broad range of oceanic and terrestrial use-cases deployed in every one of the world's oceans." 



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