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Luokung Technology Corp. announces strategic cooperation with CRESDA  

14, 2019

Luokung Technology Corp. announced its strategic cooperation to provide cloud services based on image data from remote sensing satellites to manage data unification for the China Centre for Resources Satellite Data and Application (hereinafter referred to as the "CRESDA")  , thus to further achieve more reliable, safer and efficient data cloud service.

Based on Luokung and CRESDA's advantages and resources, both parties expect to actively investigate and steadily advance in deep cooperation. Both parties will jointly establish an industry leading remote sensing spatial temporal big data cloud service platform to provide advanced products, applications and technology services for customers in the fields of land resources management, environmental protection, water conservancy, surveying and mapping, marine, agriculture and forestry, emergency management and others.

Both parties will actively participate in deep cooperating on major state projects that CRESDA is responsible for the China High-resolution Earth Observation System. Based on the existing technology Luokung has provided, which includes the remote sensing image cloud services and publishing platform and APP of Earth Imagery, Luokung will continue to develop its corresponding leading technical services to fully meet the demand of these major state projects.