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Sky and Space preparing to engage with Australian service providers

Nanosatellite startup Sky and Space Global will soon start engaging with Australian telcos and ISPs as it gears up for the irst launches of its 200-strong “Pearls” constellation later this year.

 The constellation will provide coverage of equatorial regions around the globe, with the coverage area including the northern parts of Australia in WA, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Sky and Space operates on a wholesale model and has been gradually signing up a range of service providers in its coverage areas.

In an interview with Space & Satellite AU, company founder and CEO Meir Moalem said that Australia wasn't an immediate priority, given the larger countries to the North. However, he said he envisaged working with Australian companies as the launch date gets closer.

Moalem was on a regular visit to Australia – where it has had its corporate headquarters since listing on the ASX in 2016 – talking to shareholder and investors. He said he was encouraged by the upswing in activity in the local satellite and space sector in that time.

“When we came here to be listed on the ASX, we were the only listed space company in Australia. So it took some effort, time and patience to educate the market and educate the people about what space is all about, what nanosatellites are all about, because this is a market that is much more used to gold, oil and lithium,” Moalem said.

“So the more companies join the space segment, I think it's better for everyone. Certainly Sky and Space Global will want to participate in the effort of growing and developing the space ecosystem and industry here in Australia,” he added.

Meanwhile, as it moves closer to its launch date this year he believes more customers will sign on for service. Its focus in Asia Paciic will be on large markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines and India.

As well as being a launch year, he said it was an important one for the company as it starts to generate signiicant revenues. However, there was still a lot of work to do ahead of the launch.

 “Everyone is focussed on the satellite and we tend to forget that there is a whole lot of activity behind that. You need to develop ground stations, ground infrastructure, the software, the logistics system, the supply chain, the IT systems, the maintenance systems – so there's a huge amount of activity that is required before you launch the satellites. But it is exciting,” he said.

As well as its corporate headquarters in Perth, Sky and Space has a signiicant presences in Israel, where the three founders are from, while it also has a software operation in Poland. In London it has an operational base where the company operates the irst “3Diamonds” nanosatellites – which were launched as a precursor to the Pearls fleet. Geoff Long, Commsday

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